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Delete app

How do I delete this app and will I be charged if I hit the free trail run.

Easy to use... Pay the extra for the music

Great app... Pick your tunes, hit go and walk.

Great App

Has everything I need for my walking program.


I been using this app for almost a month already I love it its easy to use.

Walking app

I really like it compare to some of the other apps. And I hope they can keep up the great work.

Easiest App Ever!

Used this app with the free 30 day trial for music downloads in the background. Absolutely loved it! Signed up for a year for a nominal fee and have kept going! I have gone from a snug size 6 to a comfy size 4 with very little diet change. Super easy to fit into my daily routine and I work 11-13 hour days!


App top


Too many ads to enjoy app. Ill have to cancel and delete it

Not free

Its really not free. It doesnt tell you its a trail until you download and get it set up.

Needs some work.

Love the idea of the app. Some of the reminders are worded rudely. Would like to actually get to try the app and all its features without being hounded every two seconds to try premium. Im not going to buy something without knowing I like it, but you dont get to use the app with all of the features first. I understand limited features for free version but I mean I dont gat any - cant listen to music, GPS doesnt track...

Ads are crazy spoiled experience with app

The idea of this app, I was hoping for it to feel like being in a walking class with great music, seems to be a great idea. Although I must say the Ads are ridiculous l!!! Its almost as if it was planned ... "Lets kill them with Ads so theyll HAVE TO buy our app! The review before myself is correct, it takes away from your workout as well as it causes frustration. Did I mention you have to download the music to your phone before utilizing it as your workout music. All I could do sample it. I recommend "rock my run" App. The music is awesome (its the same music you get here and more, but you dont need to download

Annoying! I regret I paid for this

The pop up ads are near impossible to clear! Click on the X and it still takes you to the full ad! Such an annoying distraction when trying to work out. I can not recommend this app

Not for me

I deleted the app after receiving a "reminder" that said "your looks only depend on you". First, that sentence means nothing; second, Im not walking for my looks, Im walking for my health. Shallow, superficial statements like this are just irritating. My health depends on me. My looks arent part of the equation.

Ads are too big

Downloaded the free version in order to evaluate it. App looked nice. Clicked on the day 1 information button to read the data. The ad occupied at least 50% of the screen, making it near impossible to read the information and evaluate the app. Pity, the app looks pretty good. The ads are so invasive that I feel like theyre the most important part of the experience, not the app itself. Please fix.

Just a few days in

Just a few days in and working great. Love the motivational comments throughout the walks. Still trying to make sure I am utilizing it to its full potential but so far so good.

But wait....

This app has a lot of potential. I downloaded the free version to give a go before paying, which was my plan - gotta keep people in business. However, the ads on the trial are so invasive and take up 2/3 of the screen that I decided to look elsewhere. Note to whoever gives a rip...those of us who will pay for an app actually need to see something besides a screen full of adds and requests to buy it for, oh I dont know, a couple minutes maybe, while we read your copy. Pffffft. Outta here.

Helps me focus my time

I have been using this app for a week and I like how it does the thinking for me by laying out a doable walking plan. My only suggestion would be to make an option where it uses my location only when the app is open instead of "always or never." Im constantly turning location services off in my settings so it doesnt run my battery down.

Great app

Love the app, easy to use and provides great info got my walking trips.

Love this app!!!

So easy to use and love that it keeps track of everything. I can even link with my Fitbit!!!!!

Love it

Easy to use& keeps me going. This is just what I need.

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