Walking for Weight Loss App Reviews

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Not for me

I deleted the app after receiving a "reminder" that said "your looks only depend on you". First, that sentence means nothing; second, Im not walking for my looks, Im walking for my health. Shallow, superficial statements like this are just irritating. My health depends on me. My looks arent part of the equation.


App top

Needs some work.

Love the idea of the app. Some of the reminders are worded rudely. Would like to actually get to try the app and all its features without being hounded every two seconds to try premium. Im not going to buy something without knowing I like it, but you dont get to use the app with all of the features first. I understand limited features for free version but I mean I dont gat any - cant listen to music, GPS doesnt track...

Not free

Its really not free. It doesnt tell you its a trail until you download and get it set up.


Too many ads to enjoy app. Ill have to cancel and delete it

Easiest App Ever!

Used this app with the free 30 day trial for music downloads in the background. Absolutely loved it! Signed up for a year for a nominal fee and have kept going! I have gone from a snug size 6 to a comfy size 4 with very little diet change. Super easy to fit into my daily routine and I work 11-13 hour days!

Walking app

I really like it compare to some of the other apps. And I hope they can keep up the great work.


I been using this app for almost a month already I love it its easy to use.

Great App

Has everything I need for my walking program.

Easy to use... Pay the extra for the music

Great app... Pick your tunes, hit go and walk.

Delete app

How do I delete this app and will I be charged if I hit the free trail run.

Loaded with Ads!

No mention of ads in the description; wonder if the Pro version also has ads, but there is no mention there either. Ads are so intrusive that this probably wont last more than one more try. Has potential, with links to both Fitbit and Runkeeper. Also can post to Facebook (if you are the type who wants to do that!)

Useless for real life

Unless you follow each step to the second its pretty pointless. Endure long warmups for brief walks, and if your walk takes longer than the allocated minutes the extra is ignored. Dont dare walk more than once a day either, the app knows a lot about you but apparently not the date today. All this for free if you survived the barrage of ads...

I like it.

Ive been looking for an app that motivates me to work out and with the rewards and achievements in each app I am will to work out without fuss.

Misleading on ad removal

If you purchase to remove the ads you should know that they will still spam you with what they call ad banners. I contacted the customer support and bother response was fast and honest. They did confirm that you will still be spammed with ads. This is misleading. It is a shame because the app is very good and help you stay motivated whether youre walking inside or outside. However I will not be paying just to still be standby ads and I will be removing this app and reporting them to Apple. Because you cannot state removal of ads and still give someone ads. Their excuse for it was saying the other apps do this Ive never had another app spam me with ads upon as removal.

Love it

Easy to use& keeps me going. This is just what I need.

Love this app!!!

So easy to use and love that it keeps track of everything. I can even link with my Fitbit!!!!!

Great app

Love the app, easy to use and provides great info got my walking trips.

Helps me focus my time

I have been using this app for a week and I like how it does the thinking for me by laying out a doable walking plan. My only suggestion would be to make an option where it uses my location only when the app is open instead of "always or never." Im constantly turning location services off in my settings so it doesnt run my battery down.

But wait....

This app has a lot of potential. I downloaded the free version to give a go before paying, which was my plan - gotta keep people in business. However, the ads on the trial are so invasive and take up 2/3 of the screen that I decided to look elsewhere. Note to whoever gives a rip...those of us who will pay for an app actually need to see something besides a screen full of adds and requests to buy it for, oh I dont know, a couple minutes maybe, while we read your copy. Pffffft. Outta here.

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